About the 'Mailpiece Specs' screen:

The 'Mailpiece Specs' screen stores specific information about all paper products utilized to create a manifest mailing (e.g. size, weight, print disposition). Click Details, below, for an explanation of all elements on the Mailer Info screen.



NOTE: Envelope and Paper Stock specifications should be revisited periodically so as to ensure proper weight, height, width, and thickness calculation. See Paper Specifications.





AutoMail® has the ability to produce mailings for multiple USPS payment types.


Permit Imprint: is typically a favored payment type. As the graphic above indicates, a permit imprint, or indicia, is printed upon the mailpiece. This is typically preferred as the mailer does not have to utilize a meter machine to represent payment. Payment amounts are determined via the reports generated by AutoMail®.


Meter: Whether metering at lowest rate or correct rate the 'Meter' option is utilized when permit imprint / indicia is not pre-printed on the envelope. A mailer can still enjoy cost savings for manifest-ready mailings while using a meter to indicate per-piece mailpiece cost.


Precancelled Stamps: Not a commonly used option, utilizing precancelled stamps is a workable solution for a discounted mailing. These stamps can be purchased from USPS and must be applied to each mailpiece.





Envelope dimensions, and count for calculation, are recorded here. Weight is always recorded in oz., not Lbs.Oz.



NOTE: Use the Converstion Tools utility for conversions.





All included paper types (sans the envelope) weights, thicknesses, counts, and folds are recorded here. See Paper Specifications to determine the values needed for Paper Stock. Weight is always recorded in oz., not Lbs.Oz.





Allows the determination of orientation (duplex, simplex, or combination) when printing; whether printing from a third-party system or directly from AutoMail® using Append multiple files to a single file functionality.





Allowances sometime need to be made to fit OMR marks or other machine-readable document counting methodologies which exist on each page of a compiled "document" (mailpiece). This utility allows for incremental adjustment of check images when images and image pages are generated by AutoMail®.