What quantifies "the mailpiece"? The answer is... the envelope, its stampings or imprints, and all contents within the envelope.


The document:

Put simply, AutoMail® will add three lines to the name / address area (address block) of a given document or mailpiece.

minusAn example of what AutoMail® adds to your document / mailpiece
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The envelope:

There are several factors to be considered with the actual delivery vehicle for your document(s). That is... "the envelope". It must meet certain height / width requirements, window placement requirements, endorsement requirements, permit imprint requirements, etc. Making recommendations for you to order an envelope that meets these stringent USPS requirements is what AutoMail's Mailpiece Design Specialists are experts in, and will guide as such at the time of initial install.


minusEnvelope Face & Dimensions
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1. Ancillary Endorsement

2. Permit Imprint Indicia

3. Return Address

4. Left edge of envelope to left edge of window – Minimum ½”

5. Right edge of envelope to the right edge of window – Minimum ½”

6. Top of the window- Maximum 5”

7. Recommended window height – Minimum 1 ½” Maximum 1 ¾”

8. Recommended window width – 4” for 9” envelope; 4 ½” for 9 ½” envelope

9. IM®b barcode – Maximum 4” from bottom edge of envelope

10. Bottom edge of envelope to bottom edge of window – Minimum ½”

minusAncillary Endorsement

The Ancillary Service Endorsement provides the USPS with instructions on how to handle undeliverable pieces. The recommended required endorsement options are:

Mailer Endorsement (ALL CAPS)

USPS Action on UAA Pieces


Months 1 through 12: piece forwarded; no charge; separate notice of new address provided; address correction fee charged.

Months 13 through 18: piece returned with new address attached; no charge.

After month 18, or if undeliverable: piece returned with reason for non delivery attached; no charge.




Piece returned with new address or reason for non-delivery attached; no charge.

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minusReturn Address
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minusIM® barcode
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See also.... USPS Info. & Requirements to learn more about Intelligent Mail® specifications.



Postage Methods:

minusPermit Application