At the heart of the AutoMail® application is the Data Capture functionality.Whether configuring a single file for processing, multiple files, or even multiple files to combine / append together ....Data Capture houses the on-board tools by which to accomplish the flexible processing of many *file types.


minusRun Files

AutoMail® has the ability to process either a single file or it can "append multiple files" to a single master file (internal) to generate desired output, ultimately for printing. Which is selected depends on your needs.






Example of "Individual File" processing:

a single file is provided to AutoMail® which has all desired accounts in that single file. This typically necessitates that our application passes the statement text file forward to a printing system. In this scenario, our goal is to manipulate the received files as little as possible, so that we can pass off to the financial institution's image system for parsing / printing inclusive of the USPS lines we add near the address-block.


Example of "Append multiple files to a single file" processing:

multiple file need to be combined to create a mailing. Typically, the purpose and goal in this is that any single one of these "multiple files" will not be enough to quantify a discounted manifest mailing. Therefore, if multiple files can be combined then this increases the possibility of achieving discounts.


IMPORTANT: In either instance a AutoMail representative will help you make a determination as to the best methodology for your situation.

minusFile Names

The 'File Names' section of Data Capture is designed to allow designation of where the application will retrieve files (and contained data) to process. Wild-card usage is possible. This section of the application should only be modified by a AutoMail technician.



minusStatement Format

***Password Protected Area***

If 'Data Capture' is the heart of AutoMail® then Statement Format is the brain. This is where a AutoMail technician maps out your specific data structure so that our application can accomplish reading key elements to determine mailpiece specifications.


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minusOther Statement Options

USPS regulations allow a maximum of 6 address lines. AutoMail® can certainly process more, but for purposes of validating your addresses and providing discounts via manifest mailing we most typically process no more than 6.



minusImaged Statements

This functionality is not often utilized, but for very specific circumstances.



minusPage Filtering

Used for purpose of deleting a particular page from a document ...the Page Filtering function can be used to mine / filter data from a text file. When criteria is met then the application can "delete" a particular page within a document.


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*File Types AutoMail® can process:

oWindows® native print spool files
oPCL (printer control language)
Statement File
oFormatted Statement File
o.CSV (flat file)
o.XLSX (Excel formatted)
o.DBF (dBase table file)