eDocs offers tools to handle the scenarios listed below. Click on each link for details.


minusPartial Mailing

With a Batch completed (ran successfully) both AutoMail® and eDocs provide functionality to submit and deliver a "partial" mailing. This would be utilized, most typically, with heavy mailing volume, forcing a Batch to be split into multiple mailings as delivered to the post office.


To perform a partial mailing....

1.Open the AutoMail® Batch you wish to separate into partial mailings.
2.Select Partial Mailing from the AutoMail® Batch Menu


3.Single-Click (simply to place focus on) the segment graphical display as shown below.


4.Click Split just below the segment graphic and right-side of the application


5.The Define New Segment window will appear


6.Simply click & drag anywhere within the "segment" graphic to perform an initial "split" of the Batch (mailing).
oNOTE: AutoMail® will NOT allow you to split a Batch whereas an orphaned tray "ORPHANED TRAY: When performing a partial mailing, that 5-digit ZIP code schemes canNOT be split across mailings, as this could skew AutoMail's calculation and potentially disqualify a mailing. Partial mailings MUST split where a new 5-digit ZIP code scheme begins, not in the middle of a 5-digit scheme." scenario would exist.


oTo split, again, for additional partial mailings ...repeat steps 3 - 6.


oIf you change your mind, you can even re-merge a split using the Merge with... selectors. Whichever split / segment you highlight, the smart-merge function will allow you to merge split so as to effectively undo a split.


7.Once you've split the Batch (mailing) as desired, <%AUTOMAIL%> should be CLOSED.
8.Launch <%EDOCS%>.
oGo to "Use <%EDOCS%>" to learn how to open a Batch and submit / upload.
9.Open the desired <%AUTOMAIL%> Batch.
10.Select each mailing (segment) to upload to USPS Postal One! servers.


oNOTE: Each Segment (Batch / mailing) must be uploaded individually. You canNOT upload multiple Batches simultaneously.
11.Repeat for all necessary Segments.



minusUpdate eDocs application

eDocs provides ability to update via internet download.


1.Simply select the Help pull-down menu, then Check for Updates.


2.If an update is available select the Update button, as shown below.



3.Click Install to continue.


4.Click Yes to close the eDocs application.


5.Click Run


6.Click Yes to continue.


7.Observe progress


8.Click Next



9.Click Finish


10.eDocs update is complete.




minusCANCEL an upload to PostalOne! system

An uploaded mailing may be cancelled as long as it is done prior to delivering the physical mailing to the post office.

Select Tools > Cancel This Mailing from the eDocs main interface
oEnsure you've selected the proper Batch and Segment (if partial mailing).