eDocs allows you, the mailer, to meet the USPS' Full Service Requirements for manifest mailing. While eDocs is, at present, an add-on application to AutoMail® its sole purpose is for reporting manifest mailing information to USPS. Using eDocs, you have the ability to.....

a)upload USPS Postage Statement information for multiple mailings
b)or cancel an uploaded batch if correction is needed prior to delivery to your local post office.



minusHow do I launch the eDocs application?


...from the Start > All Programs menu


...from the Desktop



minusHow do I select, and upload an AutoMail® Batch (mailing)?

eDocs is installed and configured to detect any and all Batches (mailings) which exist in AutoMail®.


1.Select the File pulldown menu option, and Open (or Ctrl + O keyboard shortcut).


2.Highlight one (1) AutoMail® Batch to upload and select Open.


3.Notice that you can modify the 'Mailing Date:' from within the eDocs interface.
oThis is useful if you plan to actual deliver a mailing on a different date than when it was actually processed (Run) in AutoMail®.

For example... if you process a Batch (mailing) on a Friday evening, or weekend, and don't plan to deliver the physical mailing to your local

post office until the following Monday, then you would want to change the 'Mailing Date:' to reflect that Monday.



4.Click Process.


5.The ONLY report you should now be required to take with the mailing is the Floating Batch Manifest report. The Postage Statement data is now transferred to PostalOne!, via eDocs.