The steps outlined below will guide you through your USPS Business Customer Gateway account to verify successful upload of the eDocs Batch.


minus1. Login to Business Customer Gateway (or create login if not already established)

If not already created, the mailer / permit holder will need to establish a "PostalOne!" account. This is accomplished via USPS' Business Customer Gateway. Otherwise, login with you existing account credentials., or navigate to and click 'Business Customer Gateway' at the bottom of the page, as shown below.

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or login directly with your 'Business Customer Gateway' / 'PostalOne!' account.

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minus2. Select 'Electronic Data Exchange'

Upon logging in... select Electronic Data Exchange (PostalOne!) in the Design & Prepare section of Business Customer Gateway. bcg2


Select 'Electronic Data Exchange (PostalOne)'.




If you see the screen, below, after selecting Electronic Data Exchange (PostalOne!) then you simply need to be authorized for this service. A couple of mouse-clicks will do it.


1.Confirm your Business Name, CRID, Address, City, ST, and ZIP
2.Click Next.


3.Lastly, click Continue. You'll then be directed to the 'Electronic Data Exchange' screen.







minus3. Verify eDocs upload by viewing Job ID, in Business Customer Gateway


NOTE: Bullet-points 1 - 10, below, are OPTIONAL. Once you successfully upload a "test" Batch, using eDocs, USPS does NOT require verification through the USPS Business Customer Gateway / Dashboard. The verification is certainly optional for you, but simply not required, by USPS, to run live with the eDocs solution.


1.Under the headings Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) > Mail.XML > select Go to TEM.
oBE CERTAIN that you click the Go to TEM link under the Mail.xml heading, as shown below.


2.Click OK on the notification window that appears.


3.Select Dashboard from left-side menu


4.Now, let's search for that Job ID. Remember, you're simply verifying what eDocs uploaded.
5.Under the Dashboard Search heading simply ensure that the date populated (if pre-populated) is older than the date you uploaded the mailing via eDocs


6.Select All - Include all Statement Statuses from the 'Statement Statuses:' section just below the date fields.


7.Be sure and select the Include Closed Jobs check-box on the right-hand portion of the same interface.


8.Click Search to the lower-right


9.The Search results should return the Batch (job) you uploaded for testing.


10.Using eDocs you can cancel the test Job in the PostalOne! Dashboard.
oSelect Tools > Advanced > Cancel Postage Statement > This



11.E-mail the PostalOne! HelpDesk at and include your Company Name, address, and CRID confirming that you have uploaded a test, and are requesting "confirmation" of the upload and to begin using Full Service with eDocs.
12.Once you have confirmation from the PostalOne! HelpDesk are now clear to use eDocs.
oIMPORTANT: Once eDocs is tested, and you've confirmed the upload, you must switch eDocs to "live" operating mode.
In eDocs application... select Tools > Settings > Advanced
Select Production and click 'Close'



CONGRATULATIONS! You have now successfully tested eDocs to upload 'Postage Statement' information for each manifest mailing.

NOTE: Per USPS regulations, you must continue to deliver a printed / paper copy of the Floating Batch Manifest report with each mailing. eDocs is designed to upload Postage Statement information only.



oIf you have completed eDocs implementation we would appreciate you sending us an e-mail letting us know. We'll flag your account in our database as Full-Service. Just send an e-mail to and let us know that you've completed this process.
oIf you have multiple AutoMail® machines for which to deploy eDocs contact


So, how do I actually use eDocs?

Click here to view the full version of the eDocs manual.