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The breadth of what makes up the USPS requirements for manifest mailing can be very technical, and very detail oriented. It is not the intention of this document to provide a knowledge-base for those requirements. These requirements are, in fact, what AutoMail® "automates" on your behalf. With that in mind, there are resources provided by USPS which clearly outline the many facets of manifest mailing; from the Intelligent Mail® barcode and it's specifications, envelope specifications, tray specifications, etc. See, also, the Mailpiece section for more information on how AutoMail® constructs a mailpiece in adherence to USPS specifications.. Below are a some key URLs which will point to particular USPS resources in relation to manifest mailing.


Postal Explorer


Domestic Mail Manual

Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service


RIBBS® National Customer Support Center


RIBBS® - Intelligent Mail® Barcode for Mailpieces


Intelligent Mail® Barcode Specifications


minusData Fields In The IMb


Barcode ID
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IMB Checklist
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Data Fields
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Mailer ID
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Routing Code
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Serial Number
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Service Type ID
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