About the 'Mailer Info' screen:

The 'Mailer Info' screen stores general data about the mailer. This could be as simple as an institution who processes with AutoMail® in-house, or a service bureau environment where AutoMail® processing is performed on your behalf. Click Details, below, for an explanation of all elements on the Mailer Info screen.


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Mailer ID / CSA ID





Mailer: identifies the institution's name. (required)

Mailing Name: allows unique name identification (e.g. a mailing type).

Mailing Id: unique ID reported on Floating Batch Manifest report.

Mailing Date: is indicative of the date a mailing is to be delivered to the post office. This date follows the System Date from the machine / computer upon which AutoMail® is installed.





City, State Zip: indicates the USPS origination locale of your mailing

Entry Locale Key:


This function allows look up of any USPS facility based on its ZIP code or City, ST, ZIP information. This is necessary for a USPS customers utilizing *FullService ACS® or *OneCode ACS®.


*see FAQ page for explanation of FullService ACS® and / or OneCode ACS®.



For purposes of Full Service Intelligent Mail® Barcode utilizing OneCode ACS®, and electronic upload of Postage Statement data, ...click the Find Locale Key if not already populated within your AutoMail® installation.



When entering a zip code into the “Location Mailing From” area AutoMail® will automatically search for the locale key upon entering the 5th digit. Click the FindLocaleKey button to trigger the search as well, iff a zip code already exists in the field. If AutoMail® finds one match it will populate the field automatically. If AutoMail® finds more than one match, it is indicated in the 'Entry Locale Key' text box. Click the FindLocaleKey button when this occurs and you’ll be presented with a list of facilities matching that zip code. The descriptions of those zip codes should be obvious enough to pick the location to which you are delivering your mailings.


see also Tools > Facility Lookup.




USPS Mailer ID: Your unique USPS Mailer ID, required for manifest mailing. This unique number is obtained during the AutoMail® implementation process.
oClick here for instructions in obtaining a USPS Mailer ID.
CSA ID: Refer to the USPS CSA (Customer Supplier Agreement) at https://www.usps.com/nationalpremieraccounts/csa.htm



Enable Track My Mail enables setup for Pitney Bowes' "Track My Mail" solution. Track My Mail is a solution sold by Pitney Bowes which allows a mailer to track every mailpiece sent out. Once AutoMail® is configured to work in conjunction with Track My Mail, a file will be uploaded to a Pitney Bowes FTP server which will allow customers the ability to search and view all mail delivered to the post office.


Click here for configuration instructions.



See also Add Ranges for Track My Mail




Used for sending electronic information to USPS.





Fields for basic manifest mailing high-lighted.





Used if third-party mailing agency (presort house, etc.) is utilized.




Used by mailing agency to indicate whom a mailing is prepared for.