minusPost office says my weights are wrong. What do I do about that?

There are two (2) very common causes of weights being "off", or inaccurate in AutoMail®.


1.PAPER WEIGHTS: The values recorded in Mailpiece Specs do not accurately reflect the "true" weight of stock paper and / or envelope paper. All paper items should be periodically re-weighed and re-measured (thickness) to ensure accurate reporting of AutoMail® calculations. See the Paper Specifications section, as well as the Mailpiece Specs section to learn how to accurately determine paper weights and measurements, and to record the results in AutoMail®.
2.INSERTS / STUFFERS: Remember to check whether or not an insert(s) is activated in Insert Setup. Having an insert inappropriately enabled / disabled can cause weights to be off.
i.See Insert Setup for more information regarding calculation of stuffers / inserts.
minusWhat is FullService ACS® vs. OneCode ACS®


1.The obvious answer to this question lies at the source of the one offering the service (USPS), so the links below gives a very simple description of what "OneCode ACS®" and "FullService ACS®" is and does differently, one from the other.

OneCode ACS®



FullService ACS®



2.While the above explains what these services are, a little clarification would be in order as it relates to AutoMail, LLC clients performing manifest mailing using OneCode ACS® or FullService ACS®. Now, I place emphasis on "FullService ACS®" to clarify the following.
a.FullService ACS® = a free service to clients utilizing FullService Intelligent Mail® Barcode technology ....which AutoMail® equips you, as our customer, to do.
b.OneCode ACS® = a paid service which can be used by customers who are not FullService customers. That is the short answer. Again, we'll allow USPS to speak for themselves. Refer to link above.


3.SO WHAT? The takeaway from all that information, particularly for you as an AutoMail® customer, is that "FullService ACS®" is definitely the service you can take advantage of. It. If a mailpiece is un-deliverable instead of you, the mailer, being returned the faulty mailpiece USPS will advise you via notification on your Business Customer Gateway account and then destroy the mailpiece. This saves you money; not having to pay for the return of the un-deliverable malipiece. Frankly, it is less expensive for you to simply re-create the mailpiece and mail, again, to a corrected address.
oIf you have implemented our eDocs module / add-on in conjunction with AutoMail® for your online Postage Statement reporting ....then you are running in "Full Service" mode, and can take advantage of "FullService ACS®".