Quality Control Procedures


1.Based on the sampling size chart listed below and the requirements stated in Publication 401, Guide to the Manifest Mailing System, Chapter 10, we will sample one mailing per week, or "each" mailing if we average less than one manifest mailing per week, to determine the information on the manifest to be accurate. Randomly selected packages / groups will be selected for sampling.
2.If any manifest mailing being sampled exceeds the +/- 1.5% accuracy level, all subsequent mailings will be sampled until at least three (five recommended) consecutive mailings are within the +/- 1.5% tolerance, and then we will return to the reduced frequency. We will describe the corrective actions taken on the sampling report and keep on file for one year.
3.We will maintain the documentation of these samplings as stated in Article 3 of this agreement.



Pieces in Mailing

Sample Size (Number of Pieces)

1 ... 11,999

100 (Must include entire Package / Group)

12,000 ... 24,999





4.We will maintain all scales, associated with the production of the manifest, to the manufacturer's specifications, test monthly for accuracy, and have the scales certified at least once per year.





the 'Quality Control Procedures' three-page form should print with each mailing's routine reports. Additionally, this form may be printed from the AutoMail® Print Reports menu as needed.

1.After printing the statements, they will be stuffed in envelopes, then put in the mailing trays according to the Floating Batch Manifest Report.
2.One or more batches will be removed from the tray(s) such that the total number of statements is equal to or greater than the number specified in item 3 above in the Manifest Requirements (100+ samples for 1-11,999 total statements).
3.The individual statements will be weighed on a manual scale and compared to the weight stated on the mailpiece Keyline of each statement.
4.Any statement weights outside of tolerance will be recorded on the QC Checklist form.
5.If additional postage is required, the Manifest Report and Postage Statement will be adjusted accordingly.
6.We will use a Quality Control Presort Verification Record to record information for all presort samplings conducted each day.
onote example given in Figure 1 below.
7.For each container selected, information printed on each container's label will be used to record the Destination and Contents.
8.If a container has packaged mailpieces, the pieces of several packages will be checked for proper sortation, based on the package label (Standard Mail).
9.Al errors found will be documented and the corrective actions taken will be recorded on a Quality Control Mail Preparation Review Record.




Figure 1


Figure 2