minusI can't get postal reports to print.

There are a few scenarios which could cause an inability print AutoMail® reports, or receiving an error when attempting to.


1.Empty Batch - one of the most common support calls we receive is that a user is attempting to print reports but receives a message indicating NO DATA. Most often, this is simply due to "creating a new Batch" within AutoMail® instead of re-opening the true Batch that was processed. The ONLY time to 'Create a New Batch' is when you need to process a file(s) you haven't yet processed. Use Open Batch to re-open an existing Batch.
2.Less than 500 CASS-coded mailpieces - AutoMail® will not generate the standard Postage Statement and Floating Batch Manifest reports for mailings of which the total addresses certified by the AutoMail® Coding Engine is less than 200 pieces.
3.Clicked 'Run Batch' twice - This was once a very common support call. In fact, we removed the "Run Batch" button from the Batch Summary screen, as it was a little too easy for users to think they were on the 'Print Reports' screen and inadvertently click the Run Batch button. Conclusively, the ONLY function to actually "run" AutoMail® is located in the Quick Access Menu (top menu).


minusI have selected the insert I want but it is not calculating as part of my mailpiece. Why?

Two things can cause this.

1.Check the Feature Selection menu. Ensure MailpieceInserts is enabled. If enabled, the Batch Summary screen will demonstrate this as


2.Be sure the Insert is "checked", in the Insert Setup menu, and that the proper weight, thickness, and fold is applied. InsertChecked
minusI need to move AutoMail to another machine.

See Installing AutoMail®

minusHow do I add custom text to 2D or 3D barcodes w/PrintStream?

Embed custom text in a barcode (2d or 3 of 9).

(Everett Bell 03/21/2013)



This is setup like other custom user text, with the difference being the output goes to User String 2 in the barcode instead of printed on the page. You can use any combination of dynamic and static text.



A common use for this would be to include the account # and amount due on a remittance stub data matrix barcode.



This is in build 8.2.13046 and higher.

minusShould I "Remove processed print jobs at end of run (Windows only)" when processing Windows Spool files?


"Typically" there is no valid reason to NOT enable the function mentioned. AutoMail® “creates” EMF graphic files once it has extracted the Windows-built spool files. So… two scenarios as to how this is useful, or not useful no matter what…..

a.Let’s say you need to re-run a Batch because you forgot to enable an insert/stuffer, or maybe weights were discovered to be wrong, etc. etc. Well, if that is the case ….then you can just use the EMF files already within the Batch folder; what AutoMail extracted in the first place. If one needed to re-run due to this scenario ….there is a function, in Feature Selection, which you would un-check in order to re-run using the existing / extracted EMF files. You would un-check the function “Extract Pages” (See Example 2 below), as shown below.
b.Or.... let’s say that there were something “wrong” with the spool files imported. Well, you’re going to have to re-generate those spool files anyway.


Conclusively, that makes it perfectly logical to “enable” the function to “Remove processed print jobs at end of run (Windows Spool only)” (See Example 1 below).


Example 1



Example 2