AutoDocs™ generates PDF output files for the purpose of archival / storage of documents.


To configure....


1.Within the Printing menu right-click and create a New Print Project.

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2.Specify all / any desired Print Job Information.


oOutput Information should indicate 'File Output' so that AutoDocs™ will create file-based (PDF) output.



3.Specify Cleanup Information.
oNothing instructs AutoDocs™ to leave the original input file in tact and in the same location where AutoMail® writes the file.
oDelete instructs AutoDocs™ to remove the original input file after processing complete.
NOTE: AutoMail® will backup the original input file(s) upon successfully completion of Run Batch.
oMove instructs AutoDocs™ to move the original input file to an alternative location. Location options appear upon selecting.
oRename instructs AutoDocs™ to rename an original input file to a different name. Location options appear upon selecting.



4.Specifcy Export Information.
a.PDFs may be exported using the Project Properties; which generates multiple-file output. This means that a uniquely named PDF is generated for each document processed.



b.Or, AutoDocs™ may generate PDF output via Export Using File Information. This creates a single-file output (one PDF containing all documents).




5.Specify general Export Information.
1)Right-click the Project Name by selecting Library from the left-side menu.


(1.) Specify 'PDF' in Export Type.

(2.) Specify the desired Output File Name

(3.) Specify the desired Output Location


6.Specify Printer Information details. AutoDocs™ writes PDF output to a device named AutoMail PDF. This device is installed along with AutoDocs™.