You hold a site license for the AutoDocs™ product. This means all systems which are on-site may have the AutoDocs™ program installed without incurring additional "license" fees. Service fees may apply (see below). A word of caution before installing the AutoDocs™ product on multiple machines. All updates must be loaded on each machine upon which AutoDocs™ is installed. Any changes made to AutoDocs™ project files on one system, such as adding / changing logos, text, or general configuration must be made to all other systems.


Professional Services

AutoDocs™ has the ability to format / design multiple types of files from separate AutoMail®-createdProfiles (configurations). Service fees may apply for AutoMail Technical Service staff to configure AutoDocs™ for these new projects, as well as copying configurations to additional machines. Modifications to existing projects may also be subject to professional service charges.


Contact the Technical Services Team to speak with a support technician about purchasing new AutoMail® Profiles / AutoDocs™ projects or making changes to existing profiles.


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